You Can Sign My Ballot Petition by: Email, Regular Mail, or at your Town Hall

Billy Hunt has been vocal advocate against Rhode Island’s ballot access petitioning requirements – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On June 25th, U.S. District Court Judge Mary McElroy ruled in agreement with Mr. Hunt  and the ACLU that this requirement needlessly exposes the public “…with no justifiable countervailing government interest.”  

This means that the state Board of Elections and the RI Secretary of State will at least need to make accommodations to:

*Allow the plaintiffs to email nomination papers to voters and to have the papers returned to the plaintiffs electronically.


*Allow the plaintiffs to return the completed nomination papers to the appropriate board of canvassers either in person; in a physical drop box such as that used for mail ballots in the 2020 presidential primary; via the U.S. Mail; or via fax.

We do know that in order to sign you will need to be a registered voter living in District 68 (Bristol/Warren). If you are not sure of your status, you may check on the Voter Information Portal on RI Secretary of State’s Website.

If you are qualified, please enter your information below and we will be in contact with you on how to safely sign Billy Hunt’s ballot petition. Thank you for your held during this unusual campaigning season!

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