I am a lifelong Rhode Islander and a fourth-generation Warren resident who truly represents the hard-working middle class of the East Bay. 

I worked my way through the University of Rhode Island at a local seafood delivery company in Middletown. I can remember getting down to Newport State Pier by 6:00 AM in the middle of 

February to unload an offshore lobster boat. It was so cold that several inches of ice covered the boat and we needed to put heaters in the back of the truck to keep the lobsters from freezing. I used to try and schedule all of my classes afternoon so I could squeeze in a few hours filleting fish and picking lobster meat in the morning. I would then race over the bridges hoping I would have enough time to change out of my fish-scented work clothes in my car to avoid funny looks from my classmates.

When I graduated in 2006 I remember how happy I was to get an office job at a mortgage processing/title insurance company where I got to shower before work – not after. But, like most of my contemporaries, the great recession of 2008 put the breaks on my carrier plans. As interest rates rose and lending guidelines tightened my company began laying-off employees. By June of 2010, my entire department was laid-off.

I understand the difficulties Rhode Islanders faced during that difficult time. However, while some people became upset that the government couldn’t do more to help them, I realized dependency was not the answer and refused to allow myself to become reliant on an inefficient bureaucracy

Instead of blaming others I decided to take some personal responsibility and control my own future. By 2011 I had completely reinvented myself. I earned my Property & Casualty Insurance License and began a new career as an Independent Insurance Agent. By 2013 my wife Jessica and I had saved enough money to purchase our home in Warren where we have lived for the past five years.

As a taxpayer, I struggled to see the value I was getting for my tax dollars. As an Insurance Agent, I work with small business owners on a daily basis and began to learn about the difficulties faced due to the over-regulation and anti-business policies in our state.

After a decade of this real-world experience, I decided to run for State Representative in 2016 because I really thought I could make a difference. Even though my opponent was the incumbent and much better funded, I managed to earn 38% of the vote because my principled message resonated with the voters of District 68.

In 2018, I am running again for many of the same reasons including: lowering taxes and fighting for small business. I believe my message and a lot of hard work will earn me your vote in November so I can bring my independent perspective to the state house.

Remember in November: There’s #HopeWithHunt


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