Hunt: Our single-party monopoly has hurt taxpayers and businesses


In a primary where less than 20 percent of registered voters cast a vote, two Democratic candidates spent well over $33,000. That equates to more than $16 spent for every vote.

Why do candidates spend so much money for so few votes? Why do 2,088 voters determine the fate of 10,500 registered voters and nearly 33,000 residents?

Establishment Democrats have been playing this hand for years. More recently, Progressive candidates have picked-off these complacent incumbents to push their extreme agenda.

I am running against this rigged system created by our state’s single-party monopoly. As a Libertarian, my focus is to lower taxes, fight for small business, and reign in our out of control state budget. Because of this, special interests will not support me.

My support comes from the hard-working middle class burdened by high taxes. It comes from small business owners who struggle to comply with bad business legislation championed by the far left.

William Hunt

Mr. Hunt is a Libertarian candidate for House of Representatives District 68.

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