The state income tax, which is 39th highest in the country, is the greatest challenge facing every single Rhode Islander.

While my opponent touts reducing our corporate tax burden as evidence of economic progress in our state, as a manager of a small business he should know that most of the current business owners in our state (and many of the new entrepreneurs we would like to attract) don’t actually pay their taxes at the corporate rate. Small business owners typically incorporate as LLCs, S Corps, or partnerships and therefore pay their taxes as individual filers.

Regardless of all other issues this state faces, from a strictly financial standpoint, there are 38 better states for someone to work and/or open a business – seven states that have no income tax at all.

In a modern economy, your personal freedom is closely tied to your financial freedom. Every time the government taxes you and takes money out of your paycheck they are taking away your freedom. Let’s fight to take our money and our freedom back! On November 8th there’s #HopeWithHunt

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