My opponent asserts that he is working hard to grow our economy but his voting record does not support his claims. While I applaud the general assembly for lowering the corporate tax and “restructuring” the unemployment insurance tax system, there were many other opportunities for my opponent to help our economy that he voted against.

A recent report published by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) identifies 11 key issues that had the greatest impact on small business in RI. While my opponent voted 100% with the house leadership on those 11 issues, he only voted 56% of the time with small business.

My opponent also points to Question 2 on this year’s ballot restoring the ethics commission’s jurisdiction over the general assembly as an accomplishment. Let’s not forget that this legislation was only passed as a reaction to Ray Gallison’s resignation from the house because of an ongoing federal investigation. This referendum also includes a three month blackout period leading up to future elections where no ethics complaints will be heard.

When elected, I promise to fight for my constituents every day no matter what way the political winds are blowing. There’s #HopeWithHunt.

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