Hunt: Stop bureaucracy, ease burden on vets to keep them here

Rhode Island is one of only 8 states that taxes military retirement pay. 29 other states do not tax military benefits at all – including the 9 states that have zero income taxes.

Retired military, who are either originally from Rhode Island or where stationed here before they retired, have significant financial incentive to settle somewhere else. They are leaving and taking their in-demand skills they learned in the military with them.

Most veterans leave the service with two or four-year degrees already paid for by the federal government – no RI Promise program needed – no Real Jobs RI state-funded worker training needed.

Instead of funding these bureaucracies, we should allocate those funds towards eliminating the income tax on military retirement pay. Let’s close the skills gap by giving those jobs to the great men and women who served our country and already have the skills businesses are looking for.

William Hunt
Libertarian candidate for House of Representatives, District 68