Hunt: Vote Libertarian, keep taxes low

Rhode Island does not have a revenue problem. A 2018 WalletHub study ranked RI 5th highest for effective total state and local tax rates. The median household in RI pays 13.69% of their income in state and local taxes which is 27.26% more than the national average.
Elected officials should have no problem funding basic government services that taxpayers depend on. Instead they fund programs that do little besides creating patronage jobs for political insiders. While my focus as a legislator will be to audit state spending to reduce waste and fraud, my opponent is interested in raising more revenue through taxation to fund programs for the special interests that support his campaign.
In November, District 68 voters have a clear choice: a vote to grow state government and raise our taxes every year or a vote for Hunt to put money back in the pockets of taxpayers.

William Hunt
Libertarian candidate for House of Representatives, District 68