Hunt: Real life experience matters in General Assembly

Experience matters. In 2006, I graduated from URI and started my career at a title/mortgage processing company. I worked through the housing crash of 2008 earning four promotions, eventually becoming a training/project coordinator before my entire department was laid-off in 2010.

2010 was the depth of the great recession. While my opponent was just heading off to college, I was restarting my career in a brand new industry. By 2013, my wife and I had worked hard and saved enough money to put a down payment on our home in Warren. Since 2013, while my opponent has been acting as a political activist, I have been working as an insurance agent for small business owners and homeowners in RI while also volunteering for my town.

Politics aside, an entire decade more of relevant real-world work and life experience makes me the more qualified candidate to represent District 68.

William Hunt
Mr. Hunt is a Libertarian candidate for House District 68.