Hunt: Let’s get back to governing in Rhode Island

Every problem we have in this state started out as someone’s good idea. The key to becoming a successful state does not involve a new government program, a new economic incentive, or any other “good” idea that never seems to work as intended.

Instead of focusing on magic pills and financial tooth fairies, our state leaders need to focus on providing basic government services at an extremely high level. I believe in taking care of these essential responsibilities before we expend government resources on frivolous endeavors.

We need our leaders to avoid passing legislation based on emotional decisions and identity politics. We need them to govern with logic and reason instead of platitudes that pander to a voting bloc. We need to measure the consequence not just the intent. Good intentions do not guarantee beneficial results, so government programs should be regularly monitored to ensure the outcomes justify the costs.

William Hunt

Libertarian candidate for House of Representatives, District 68