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About Bill

I am running for state representative to bring a principled voice to our statehouse. For too long career politicians and activists have provided us with poor leadership, high taxes, and dysfunctional state government.

I believe our state has the potential to lead our country but it is impossible to get there with higher taxes and a growing budget. It is time to get back to basics and focus on being the best at the nuts and bolts of running state government.

On March 5th, there is a Special Election giving voters a special opportunity to vote for the candidate who will fight for every individual. Vote for the candidate who will fight to stop special interests from taking your money and your rights. Vote for William Hunt for District 68.

The Issues

Lower Taxes

Rhode Island pays some of the highest effective total state and local tax rates in the country. The median household income family pays $8,697 annually which is 27% higher than the national average. I will work to cut fraud and unnecessary spending from the $9.6 billion budget and put that money back in the pockets of the Rhode Island Taxpayer.

Fight for Small Business

Collectively small business owners are the largest employer in Rhode Island. I will work to reduce the red tape and onerous business regulations that prevent entrepreneurs from starting or growing businesses in our state. I will work to stop the corporate welfare given to special interests and out-of-state businesses and use that money to ease the tax burden of the small business in our state.

End Corporate Welfare

Millions of Rhode Island tax dollars are given to out-of-state businesses by the Commerce Corporation. While proponents claim these programs create jobs, they rarely generate a return that justifies the money given away – let alone the millions of dollars needed to run this department itself. I will work to cut the funding for these programs and use that money to lower that tax burden for the small businesses already operating in our state

Audit the State Budget

Rhode Island’s state budget has grown by 22% since 2010, has your family’s budget or small business’ revenue grown by the same percentage? During this same period, our elected officials have not maintained our infrastructure, underfunded state pension, and healthcare liabilities, and generally wasted our taxpayer dollars. I will work to identify where taxpayers’ dollars are being spent and find opportunities for consolidation and greater efficiencies in state government.

What issues matter to you?

11/1/2018 – East Bay Newspaper Political Statement

Let’s close the skills gap by giving those jobs to the great men and women who served our country and already have the skills businesses are looking for.

10/25/2018 – East Bay Newspaper Political Statement

Politics aside, an entire decade more of relevant real-world work and life experience makes me the more qualified candidate to represent District 68.

10/17/2018 – East Bay Newspaper Political Statement

Every problem we have in this state started out as someone’s good idea. The key to becoming a successful state does not involve a new government program, a new economic incentive, or any other “good” idea that never seems to work as intended. 

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